Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne

If you are purchasing a Commercial or Residential Property in Melbourne or the surrounding areas and require a reliable and comprehensive Building and Pest inspection, 1300 Pest Control is the leading provider for Building and Pest Inspections in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Severe termite damage found by 1300pestcontrol

Severe Termite Damage was found in the bathroom during this Building and Pest Inspection. Activity is very common in these areas because of the high moisture content in the wooden frames.

Our Melbourne Building Inspectors are completely qualified, insured and licenced. Backed by years of experience, each Building and Pest Inspector will ensure the property has been thoroughly and professionally assessed.
If you call through to our trained staff on 1300 Pest Control (1300 737 826) we can organise access through the Real Estate Agent, so you don’t have to. All we need is when you’d like to do the inspection and everything else is organised on your behalf, keeping you informed from start to finish.

Two Inspections, Two Digital Reports

In Victoria the two inspections (Commonly called Building and Pest or Home Inspection) are completed at the same time and then emailed to you. An average size house takes approximately 90 minutes and we strongly recommend you attend the inspection. After the Melbourne Property Inspection the inspector is available to discuss any issues found. If you cannot attend the Building Inspection, the inspector will call you afterwards for a post inspection brief.

Our Building Inspectors use an array of equipment which includes;

  • A moisture meter – Termites are made up of 95% moisture.
  • Video Inspection/Borescope – Used to see inside wall cavities, trees and other voids.
  • Termatrac T3i – Worlds most accurate Termite Thermal & Radar System
  • Acoustic Probe – Used to hear Termite Mud Lead activity within walls.

Our reports are completely digital, this means no more reading bad handwriting or faded pencil notes! Both Property Inspection reports come with photos included, so if you cannot make the inspection it’ll be just like you were there. We always received compliments from our customers on how informative and easy to read our Building and Pest Inspection Melbourne reports are.

Building Inspection

The Building Inspection is completed in accordance to Australian Standards. A visual inspection of all the interior and exterior of the property takes lace to detect any cracks, defects or safety concerns.


Property Inspections compare your property against a similar property of the same age

High moisture reading normally means Termites

Naked to the eye, a high moisture reading has been found in the Home Inspection. Reasons for such a reading could include a failed waterproofing membrane, leaking water pipes or a termite nest.

and construction type. All variations to the normal condition are outlined in the Building Report. Through our own experience we have found that a large number of houses in Melbourne have serious faults which commonly are undetectable to the untrained eye.

With that said did you know that in Victoria there is no required licence or qualifications to conduct a home inspection? All our Building Inspectors at 1300 Pest Control are fully licenced and insured builders with years of “onsite” experience. All carry State-of-the-Art thermal equipment which comes as standard at no extra charge.

Our builders will inspect all the following areas which are accessible, looking for minor and major defects. Areas include:

  1. Sub-Floor (area between ground and bottom of house – stumped houses)
  2. Interior of the house
  3. Exterior of the house
  4. Ceiling space
  5. Roof (in accordance to health and safety regulations)
  6. Garage and carport
  7. Self contained granny flat
  8. Non structural retaining wall (Structural retaining wall will need an inspection from an engineer).
  9. Fences, steps, pathway and driveways.

Be confident your dream home carries no hidden nightmares. If a fault is found it’s not always panic stations. Most of the time this is a great opportunity to negotiate a new contract price, making room to fix the repairs and more. It’s all about having options, talk to our builders, they are the experts and will give you educated advice on what is repairable.

Timber Pest Inspection

With such a large investment it’s important that the inspector is fully qualified and carries a Melbourne Timber Pest Licence. All too often in the industry these Building and Pest Inspections are completed by builders carrying a General Pest Licence only.
The Pest Inspection will state if there is evidence of timber pest activity as well as conditions that are favourable to timber pests.  This is called a conducive termite environment, to see an example of this look at our Conducive Termite Environment post in our Termite Damage blog. This is all reflected in the Timber Pest Report.

Termite damage from building inspection

This is a timber joist removed from a wall after termite activity was found during a Building and Pest Inspection. As well as termite removal, 1300 Pest Control also offers termite damage repair work.

Much like the Building Inspection, our Timber Pest Inspector will search the following areas if accessible, looking for evidence of timer pest activity.

  1. All timber and structural frames
  2. Joists
  3. Rafters
  4. Bearers
  5. Internal Joinery
  6. House Internals
  7. House Externals
  8. Landscaping Timbers and Sleepers
  9. Trees
  10. Tree stumps

Remember Termites eat timber from the inside out, so by the time you see them then considerable damage can have already been done.

Our Timber Pest Inspection covers more than just Termite Activity! We search for all Timber Pests like wood borers, wood rot, mould and of course termites.

What if active Termites are found?

If your Home Inspection turns up active Termites we can assist you with the Termite Treatment. The majority of our work is in Termite Protection. Termites can be destroyed with a remedial treatment and further damage prevent with the installation of a Termite Barrier.

Know the health of the property you are buying with a Building and Pest Inspection in Melbourne. Call 1300 Pest Control (1300 737 826) to speak with one of our fully trained team or complete this form: